AIS-140 Compliant - Fleet Smart

For your basic vehicle tracking needs, we offer FleetSmart VTS. This device enables real-time location tracking and is capable of integration with additional sensors to track fuel levels and temperature inside the cabin of vehicle. In addition, it can support remote immobilization of the vehicle during emergencies.



-- Ensure timely location updates for owners / customers  

-- Set up geo-fenced routes to get alerted for deviations

-- Get notified immediately of unauthorized usage

-- Integrate with an RFID Reader for attendance marking

-- Track temperature of goods by adding a temperature sensor

-- Track fuel levels by adding a fuel sensor

-- Immobilize your vehicle during emergencies


Historical Data Analytics

-- Generate trip reports for vehicles to track usage
--  Get notified when the vehicle is due for service
-- Generate speed reports to ensure customer safety
-- Generate mileage reports to track efficiency of vehicles
-- View the route taken by each vehicle


Web / Mobile Notifications

-- Get alerted when vehicle is in use

-- Get alerted of over-speeding

-- Setup route deviation alerts

-- Get notified when vehicle reaches destination


Expense Tracking

-- Create and track expense reports for vehicles

-- Create service reminders for vehicles

-- Add trip specific expenses

-- Generate daily / weekly / monthly expense reports


Additional Peripherals (Optional)

Immobilizer – Choose integration with an immobilizer to ensure you have control
on the vehicle ignition during emergencies.

RFID Reader - For attendance marking needs, choose integration with an RFID

RFID Card – To simplify attendance marking / tracking, you can swap out your
existing ID cards for an RFID card.

Fuel Level Sensor – Worried about fuel theft / usage. Add a fuel level sensor to
ensure that you can monitor fuel consumption.

Temperature Sensor – If transporting temperature sensitive goods, choose
integration with a temperature sensor.