How are credit unions advantageous?



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How are credit unions advantageous?

The Secret Life of Credit Unions

It wouldn't be your classic Saturday night in our house, if my kids Blair and Lachlan weren't arm-wrestling over the TV remote. It's a kerfuffle that unfolds as predictably as sunrise and sunset over our beautiful Wellington landscape. One Saturday, caught in one of these tussles, Lachlan made a declaration. "Credit Unions," he said, taking me aback, "are like a good old-fashioned wrestling match." And you know what? He's absolutely right!

In the world of finance, you have your massive banks overshadowing the field like titans, almost as impenetrable as Blair's bedroom when she's listening to her strange music. On the other hand, you have Credit Unions, the scrappy and underrated fighters, equally formidable when it comes to strength, intelligence, and robustness.

So here's a dad, Casper (that's me), diving right into this Credit Unions vs. Banks wrestling ring, intent on revealing the advantages that make Credit Unions a knockout choice for efficient and friendly personal finance management.

The Misunderstood Davids of Finance

Most folks are pretty familiar with Goliath - those big banks with towering edifices. They make us ooh and aah with their grandeur. But in the shadow boxing around this ring, we have our not-so-small Davids - the Credit Unions. An unfair fight, some might think, given the giant size of the banks. But demystifying credit unions, they are financial cooperatives owned and controlled by their members - you and me. Did you know they originated back in the mid-1800s when mill and bakery workers in Germany created an autonomous group to provide credit to their labour midst? It's like having your ‘ohana’ to back you up financially!

Embracing a Different Creed

Credit unions are not-for-profit entities and this one fact makes them a game-changer in the financial scene. Imagine this: your job, the place you work, where you put your sweat and soul, is there for the collective good of everyone involved, and not to line the pockets of some obscure, cigar-puffing investors. Imagine that! Credit unions adhere to a self-service doctrine, pooling together resources for the members' benefit. And here's an interesting tidbit: In New Zealand, credit unions are referred to as "Building Societies." Talk about building a community!

Banking on Superior Customer Service

Now let's talk about some more merits of Credit Unions. When's the last time you walked into a bank and were greeted by name? Or had a friendly chat with the teller about the weekend's rugby match? Right, probably around the time our Wellington Hurricanes won the Super Rugby championship in 2016. In contrast, credit unions thrive on exceptional customer service because members are their owners. No faceless shareholders to please. The focus is solely on maintaining the ties that bind members together, just like a close-knit rugby team.

Interest? More Like BEST-Interest Rates

Now, what's the one thing we all yearn for when it comes to our money? That's right! More of it! And guess what? Credit Unions help you achieve just that. With their not-for-profit model, they often offer higher returns on savings accounts and lower interest rates on loans and credit cards. It's like when Lachlan somehow manages to get an extra scoop of ice cream at the parlour — a little victory that's just too sweet!

Local Heroes to the Rescue

Close your eyes and think about your friendly neighbourhood grocer, your local mechanic, or maybe even your barber. These are people familiar with your needs, embedded within community roots, thus, capable of offering personalised service. That's exactly what Credit Unions are in the financial world —local heroes who understand your unique situation. They make a massive impact on local economies, encourage regional growth and create employment opportunities. Talk about a triple whammy!

Your Money is Safe and Sound

Finally, understanding that safety is paramount when dealing with hard-earned money, rest easy knowing that credit unions offer government-backed insurance on deposits. It's like when Blair insists on wearing knee pads while skateboarding, giving me one less worry as a dad. In fact, right here in New Zealand, we have the Credit Union Financial Services Protection Scheme, testifying that efforts are in place to keep your moolah safe. Chalk up another major win for credit unions!

So, next time you're thinking about where to stash your cash or get that car loan from, give a thought to the scrappy underdogs - our beloved credit unions. Like a well-loved comic book hero, they might not have the flash and the sizzle of their counterparts but boy, do they pack a punch when it comes to the things that matter!

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