I-Voss Live

Eyedentify i-VOSS Live is the next generation security tracking device that
enables image transmission even on 2G networks. To ensure occupant security
during commutes, we provide a real-time monitoring solution to deter offenders and
enable real-time help. The device also has 2-way voice communication with the
driver or the occupants. i-VOSS Live also enables real-time monitoring of your fleet.

i-VOSS Live.png


-- Continuous video capture @ 2fps to validate incidents

-- Camera comes equipped with night-vision using IR LEDs

-- Provides remote video monitoring

-- Enable relevant location-based alerts

-- Get notified immediately of unauthorized usage

-- Get notified immediately of any device tamper attempts

-- On-board 8GB storage (expandable to 64GB)

-- Enables audio communication with vehicle occupants

-- Track conditions of temperature sensitive goods by adding a temperature sensor

-- Track fuel levels by adding a fuel sensor

-- Immobilize your vehicle during emergencies

-- Integrate with an RFID Reader for attendance marking

-- Validate driver identity


Occupant Security 

-- Deterrent to unwanted situations

-- Real-time image transmission

-- Evidence and real-time help

-- 2-way voice communication


Historical Data Analysis

-- Generate trip reports for vehicles to monitor usage

-- Generate incident reports for vehicles

-- Get notified when the vehicle is due for service

-- Generate speed reports to re-assure customer safety

-- Generate mileage reports to track efficiency of vehicles

-- View the route taken by each vehicle


Web / Mobile Notifications

-- Occupant in / out notifications

-- Get alerted when vehicle is in use

-- Get alerted when vehicle is over-speeding

-- Setup route deviation alerts

-- Get notified when vehicle reaches destination


Expense Tracking

-- Create and track expense reports for vehicles

-- Create service reminders for vehicles

-- Add trip specific expenses

-- Generate daily / weekly / monthly expense reports



Fingerprint Reader – To re-assure customers of the authenticity of driver(s),
integrate with a fingerprint reader.

Immobilizer – Choose integration with an immobilizer to ensure you have control
on the vehicle ignition during emergencies.

Fuel Level Sensor – Worried about fuel theft / usage. Add a fuel level sensor to
ensure that you can monitor fuel consumption.

Panic Button – Multiple push button type panic buttons. Upon press, an alert is sent
to users and image transmission is also enabled.

RFID Reader – For attendance marking needs, choose integration with an RFID

RFID Card – To simplify attendance marking/ tracking, you can swap out your
existing ID cards for an RFID card.

Speaker and Microphone functionality – Enables 2-way voice communication
between the vehicle driver and the security office.

Temperature Sensor – If transporting temperature sensitive goods, choose
integration with a temperature sensor.

Hooter – Enable an external hooter if desired.

LoRa – Enable Vehicle to Vehicle or Vehicle to Gateway communication with a
long-range radio frequency module.